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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Circle Lenses Review: Geo Xtra Brown 3 Tone Circle Lens WTB74 + CircleLensesUSA Review

Hi guys! I'm back with another circle lenses review! This time, CirclelensesUSA sent over a pair for me to review. Because I am from Canada, the owner had a limited list of lenses for me to choose from. I chose Geo Xtra Brown 3 Tone Circle Lens WTB74. Even though the name said "brown", it looked gray online and I was looking for a natural gray, so I chose it. ^_^

Manufacture:GEO Medical Inc.
Origin:South Korea
Diameter:15.0 mm
Base Curve:8.7 mm
Water Content:40%
Life Span:1 Year
PackagingA Pair (2) of Circle Lenses
$16.95 USD 
Because the order shipped from Canada, it took only a few days. It didn't come with a lense case but that was alright. I'm not sure if they send it normally but I didn't get one so if you are ordering from them, maybe ask them whether they send one?

Very beautiful design, reminds me of a daisy.

Comfort: 2/5 
To be honest, they were fairly uncomfortable. Not sure if my eyes were dry or what but I really felt them in my eyes and they itched throughout. However, I only tried them once so I wouldn't count them out in comfort.

Colour: 5/5 
I LOOOVE the colour. They look like a warm silver with a hint of green; very beautiful on dark eyes. They are very vibrant in real life and they give a "shiny" look to your eyes and just make you look amazing!

Sorry I only took natural lighting photos with my phone and the quality isn't very nice.
Design: 5/5
I adore the design! It is very natural but gives a beautiful pattern.

Enlargement: 5/5
Usually "natural" 3 tone lenses don't enlarge very much but these were awesome! Of course they are not as large as Grang Grang lenses but these definitely enlarge more than the Puffy 3 Tones.

I highly recommend this pair! I feel like it is my new favourite!

Now a quick review of the store.

Website: 5/5
It is a BEAUTIFULLY designed website. It is modern and fun. The layout is great with good functionality. Lenses are categorized with the usual brand, colour, diameter and effects. However, I personally have not used their checkout system so I cannot review that part.

Shipping: 5/5
My order came in about a week. However this might be a little different if you ordered from elsewhere. I do believe they ship from the US/Canada so it is a major plus for those who live in North America so you don't have to deal with the hassle of 30 days shipping from Asia. For a North American store, the price is SUPERB. Honestly, other stores from North America tend to double or triple their prices but CircleLensesUSA sell their lenses at competitive prices. I feel like you should definitely give them a try if you live in North America and need your lenses fast. 

Selection: 3/5
CircleLensesUSA is a very new company and tend to gear their products towards the natural look. They do stock Princess Mimi lenses which are more dolly, but they don't seem to have much for cosplayers. That all said, I have seen many other sites that literally have super natural lenses (a popular trend in Korea) that did not fit my taste so I wouldn't say CircleLensesUSA is completely lacking.

Customer Service: 5/5
Because CircleLensesUSA are run by people in North America (I am not being racist or anything), they are fluent in English and will be in similar time zones as other North Americans. Therefore their customer service will be more helpful for you. They are very kind and patient so don't hesitate to contact them.

Overall: 4/5
I seriously think you guys should give CircleLensesUSA a chance. Based in North America, it is super useful to get your rush order before cons!

(I was not paid to review CircleLensesUSA. I did received a free pair of lenses from them but my opinions in this post are my own.)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


As some of you might have noticed, more than 4 months ago, all the photos I have uploaded onto my blog vanished. It was so disheartening as my posts are mainly photo-based circle lenses reviews. With the photos wiped, there is basically nothing left. This really demotivated me and ever since I haven't been blogging, haven't thought about it. I declined review requests because my blog simply had nothing. I didn't have anything to show. But slowly, I want to change that. Deleting my photos may be a good thing. For example, some of my review photos are hella old and frankly, ugly. This is a chance for me to force myself to get better photos. Granted, some of my posts' photos are forever gone as I don't have a replicate of it. >< This will probably be the haul posts or the taobao agent reviews. But I can at least salvage most of my circle lenses reviews. Anyway, this is me trying to force myself to get back on track with reviewing products because it is something I really love to do! I hope you guys can bare with me as I'm still depressed about the whole incident.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Two Months Later: Jerome Russell Punky Colour Update

So it has been 2 months since I dyed my hair with Punky Colour Midnight Blue and Atlantic Blue. I want to give a quick update.

I dyed my hair ~ Feb 15 and now 2 months later without any touch up and only 1 week of colour safe shampoo (lol I ran out so I had to use regular shampoo for 7 weeks lol).

I couldn't believe my hair is still soooooooo vibrant!! The below image is with flash but it really looks like this without flash. Actually people at my workplace said to me "Wow, Ashley, that green is really staying in eh?" ////////////

Since I dyed it with two different shades, I want to show you how differently the faded.
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