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Friday, 19 December 2014

Vassen/i fairy Dolly + Red Review (Dolly Plus Red) circle lenses from Pinky Paradise

Welcome back to Adventure with Ashley. This is the photo gallery to my review, for the actual review, please head over to my book blog, The Science of Books.

Photo Gallery
(Normally I hate adding filters to my photos because it destroys the purpose of seeing the actual lenses in action. But I played with filters with some of the photos this time because I feel like it was appropriate. Those photos with filters will be obvious. But the ones without retained the lenses' colours.).

Click to enlarge the photos.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

50% Off Pinky Paradise!

I have a 50% off code for Pinky Paradise in celebration of Halloween coming in a month or so!
Here are the details and rules for using it.

This is 50% discount code.
1- This code is only applicable to lenses ( except Phantasee series, monthly lenses and Toric - Astigmatism lenses ) . Any other products such as cosmetics will not be included.
2-This code must only be used after 26th September 2014. Any purchase that was made before this date will be automatically be cancel.
3- This code expired on 6th October 2014 (World Time).
4- This code is only available for one time purchase per customer.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Circle Lenses Review: Sweet Magic Green from Beauty Lenses (aka GEO Dream Green)

I'm back!!! After summer school finished I finally had the time to sit down and write a review. Once again the wonderful Beauty Lenses provided this lenses. This time I picked Sweet Magic Green, aka GEO Dream Green.

Brand: Sweet Magic
Beauty Lenses is KPOPTOWN's New store selling Lenses.
Menufacturer : Dueba Contact Lens

Material: Soft hydrogel (Poly HEMA), saline.

Moisture Content: 38 ~ 42% Water

Diameter: 14.5mm

Base Curve: 8.9

Disposable:  up to 1 Year (depends on frequency of use & care). 

Country of origin: South Korea.

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