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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


As some of you might have noticed, more than 4 months ago, all the photos I have uploaded onto my blog vanished. It was so disheartening as my posts are mainly photo-based circle lenses reviews. With the photos wiped, there is basically nothing left. This really demotivated me and ever since I haven't been blogging, haven't thought about it. I declined review requests because my blog simply had nothing. I didn't have anything to show. But slowly, I want to change that. Deleting my photos may be a good thing. For example, some of my review photos are hella old and frankly, ugly. This is a chance for me to force myself to get better photos. Granted, some of my posts' photos are forever gone as I don't have a replicate of it. >< This will probably be the haul posts or the taobao agent reviews. But I can at least salvage most of my circle lenses reviews. Anyway, this is me trying to force myself to get back on track with reviewing products because it is something I really love to do! I hope you guys can bare with me as I'm still depressed about the whole incident.


我买彩色隐形眼镜已经买了几年了。其实我刚开始卖彩色隐形眼镜时,我已近听说到SOLUTION-LENS, 不过重来没买。为什么?应为我怕。SOLUTION-LENS没有太多的review,不像UNIQSO,PinkyParadise, 或者HoneyColor。现在来看,SOLUTION-LENS, 应该还不错。看起来SOLUTION-LENS 有很多selection 去该你挑。我特别爱他们的Halloween的彩色隐形眼镜。我从来没买过那么crazy的彩色隐形眼镜(在一次太怕了)不过现在我感觉我可以带那么夸张的彩色隐形眼镜了。我很喜欢这下面的款式。



Sunday, 12 April 2015

Two Months Later: Jerome Russell Punky Colour Update

So it has been 2 months since I dyed my hair with Punky Colour Midnight Blue and Atlantic Blue. I want to give a quick update.

I dyed my hair ~ Feb 15 and now 2 months later without any touch up and only 1 week of colour safe shampoo (lol I ran out so I had to use regular shampoo for 7 weeks lol).

I couldn't believe my hair is still soooooooo vibrant!! The below image is with flash but it really looks like this without flash. Actually people at my workplace said to me "Wow, Ashley, that green is really staying in eh?" ////////////

Since I dyed it with two different shades, I want to show you how differently the faded.
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